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Marcellina di Ala D'Ora X
Duca di Cascina Croce

Massimo, Angelina, Angelo, Alena, Dina, Jessamina, and Gino
On the Playa Playa Pose Puppy View Jessamina Hunting
Angelo's first hunting trip
to Gerlach with Jessamina
Jessamina's new home
is in Texas now.
Craig and family meet Angelina "Isolina" in Reno for the first time.
Angelina lives in California
Nancy & Dina "Dolce" in Gerlach.
Dolce and Nancy live
in New York.
Angelo "Bruno" lives with Trey and his family in Mississippi.
Massimo's new parents are Walt and Brenda. He gets to live in Texas. Puppy Love Jenny and Marc come to Gerlach to get Gino "Bosco".
Wisconson is Bosco's
home now.
Craig and Leslie
with Isolina